ObSAS Situational Awareness, Environmental monitoring, CBRN monitoring, NBC, Radiation detection, Hazmat systems, Observis, CBRN Detection, Critical infrastructure monitoring, industrial safety, workplace security


Case CBRN Recce Vehicle

ObSAS is the best available choice for a Situational Awareness System in a vehicle application. For example, an armored CBRN recce vehicle requiring integration of various devices and detectors as well as a system collecting all information into one platform and displaying it as one visualized operational picture.

All devices are connected to ObSAS system displaying the location of the vehicle on the map interface and the realtime statuses of the detectors and sensors. In case a detector goes off, the alarm and the device causing the alarm are displayed. While marking the contaminated area, all flag locations are stored and displayed in ObSAS. Every event taking place during a recce mission is also stored into ObSAS. Reports can be displayed or printed after the mission.

We provide the entire commissioning of the system including hardware and software installations, device integrations, cabling, sourcing and supplying of equipment, training and system lifetime support.

Vehicle: 6x6 armoured personnel carrier with ObSAS

  • Overpressurized, CBRN filtering system
  • 2 pcs chemical detector (1 outside, 1 inside after c-filter)
  • 1 pcs biological detector
  • 3 pcs radiation detector (2 outside, 1 inside)
  • CBRN area marking system (flags)
  • 1 pcs weather sensor
  • 1 pcs GPS sensor